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New Concept Of Natural Silk Facial Beauty

Silk is different from hemp fibers and wool fibers of a biological protein, it consists entirely of silkworm life, silkworms eat contains water, protein, carbohydrates, and fats after Mulberry leaves, after digestion, and finally turned into silk. So silk contains highly nutritional value of 18 kinds of amino acids for the human body, including 8 species of human essential amino acid cannot be synthesized in the body. Silk breathable, moisture absorption and excellent, in clinical application, can be used to make artificial blood vessels; non-woven fabrics applied in the field of medical dressings, for Burns, wounds and hundreds faced, contribute to wound healing, also known as "artificial skin".
Silk can be used medicinally, but has a high aesthetic value. Has the following advantages and features:
Silk in the by containing of bright ammonia acid can speed up skin cell of metabolism, promote skin organization of regeneration capacity; by containing of silk ammonia acid, and total ammonia acid can enhanced skin surface cell of vitality, delay skin of aging, reduced facial of wrinkles; by containing of b ammonia acid has anti-Sun and prompted skin cell of proliferation role; also, silk by containing of silk rubber protein in the has large of formed cell by required of amino acids, has prompted skin cell of new, regulation sebum in the fat class number of role, can delay or reduced skin wrinkles, And can promote blood circulation, make human skin delicate and smooth.