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Mask 8 Wrong With Older

Error: the mask effect, once a week is enough
Do you think the skin supple and younger sister is applying mask once a week? when you choose a new mask, the first cycle recommendations are used for 28 days. So what do the 28-day-cycle out of it? our epidermis is divided into 5 layers of facial skin, and scientific studies suggest that metabolic cycle of each layer is 7 days, so the skin of a larger metabolic cycle is 28 days. After you have selected a new mask, nortion mask processing is recommended to use a larger metabolic cycle, to evaluate this mask has no effect after high frequency can be not so, as long as, you must choose the mask for your skin type, or is only going to get worse enough.
Error II: essence mask a lot of attaining longer is better
Some women think that mask with the longer, the better, some people were put on a mask before going to bed at night, woke up the next day until washed off. Apply mask 15-20 minutes at a time, enough so that the skin will mask contains extract enough. Or hurt when the mask was torn off dry skin, nortion mask processing, dry mask will in turn absorb facial moisture. And the mask on your face to stay more than long, may cause the residual components of mask clogged pores or sensitive skin.
Error III: slightly dry skin immediately apply mask
Mask effects varied, in addition to moisturizing, whitening, acne printing, wrinkle, subject lines, and so on, using the wrong mask not only useless but also can damage the skin. Nortion mask processing recommendations young mm should choose a refreshing mask, while older women should choose a moisturizing nutrient facial mask, skin problems are not the same for everyone, choose for yourself the mask in order to effectively deal with skin problems. And mask the nutrients of different effects different, not confuse use will be able to achieve the desired effect, and using the wrong mask will cause intense skin irritation and damage the skin.