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Launched High-end Chinese Cosmetics Market Campaign

In the context of overall China FMCG growth slowed, the cosmetics market growth remains strong, in 2013 during the ~2015 years, cosmetics industry with 7.5%, 10% and 12.8% an annual growth rate of completed the triple jump, far outpacing the overall growth of FMCG 3.5%. The trend of development of China's cosmetics retail insight report also pointed out that the rapid growth of China's cosmetics market due to consumer spending to upgrade consumer upgrades means that consumers need to buy higher-end products and buy more products.

At this point, domestic brands have more natural home advantage. Connaught WINS cosmetics processing said, and foreign brand compared, local cosmetics enterprise more understand China mass cosmetics market, this is domestic cosmetics brand to rise of reasons, Connaught WINS cosmetics processing said, but while, this does not representative China makeup brand in high-end market lack competitiveness, instead of is, in past 2 years in the, including natural Hall, and hundred que antelope, and affordable Materia Medica, and Bai grass set, brand are performance good, for domestic cosmetics brand,, this is one steady of contest, and seven or eight years Qian different of is, Now being forced into a dead corner, are those sluggish growth overseas cosmetic brands.