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Clean Mask Usage Considerations

1, apply before the mask,
If you have enough patience, then you can use a hot towel or the use of steam to steam, helps open the pores, white Tau tie more likely to emerge. Before can also mask some whitening essence, essence mask pressure allows a better penetration into the skin, you will find after you wash off the mask than useless essence skin by the end of the special white (although the effect is only temporary).
2, when the apply mask,
Try to avoid eye, the skin delicate, cleansing mask can irritate the skin, the solution is at the same time be a eye mask. Clean mask cannot apply for too long, sucking the skin moisture, time control in 10-15 minutes, I like doing the mask at the same time, Jet spray to prevent completely kill every now and then.
3, after applying mask,
When washing hands can circle way, wash the mask at the same time, some came to Acne wash, but most still budding stays on the skin, when to use-acne needle ~ (Taobao buy one or two blocks), gently scrape the can, not too hard, don't crush it with your hands.