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Skin care tips

Maximum skin care essentials sensitive skin are moisturizing, only do a good job moisturizing, increase skin tolerability to prevent skin from drying up the skin to thin skin layer, followed by selection of skin care products soothe the skin and calm the skin, helps repair damaged capillaries, and finally the importance to daily sunscreen, continued to prevent ultraviolet on capillary damage.
The girls remember this phrase: the mask is the best skin care products. Yes, only basic maintenance of your skin will really shine! Do not blindly go cover powder, Concealer, only worse! Whether you are acne, blackheads, acne, lack of water, dark yellow, rough coarse pores, sensitivity, redness, ... All that beautiful woman starts from the mask, skin is bad, good powder, blusher, never a good makeup, skin at the bottom does not receive medical care, and make-up makeup not only feeling bad, and going to get worse.

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